Mark Smith was born and raised in California. His grandmother's twin was an artist and passed the genes down. Raised near the coast around L.A., Disney and Hollywoods' influence started early. He studied art with great instructors in Palos Verdes, San Luis Obispo, and Arcata before returning to L.A. to attend Art Center College of Design. Mark now lives and paints in San Diego. He is a member of the Watercolor Society and draws and paints with many of the members when he's not traveling with his wife, daughter, and son.







"Mark has created a world of architectural images that balance between realism and surrealism. The paintings, with their walk right in credibility and well executed buildings, are set in a realm of playful distortions and unique color combinations. The result is a surprisingly successful involvement into Mark's off-beat world of unpredictable color and space, a joy ride experience."

Pirrietta Hester